Post Construction Clean Up

 Universal offers an extensive list of specifications we use for construction cleanup. Since every project is different we can accommodate the needs of your project with all or some of the services listed below.

Remove heavy debris Clean mirrors
Dust all surfaces Clean vanity and counter tops
Clean windows inside and out Wash down ceramic tile where needed
Clean window frames Strip and finish VCT floors
Clean side lights and observation glass Clean cabinets and vanities inside and out
Clean lighting fixtures Sweep or dust mop hard surface flooring (wet mop if needed)
Polish all bright work and stainless Wipe down walls, doors, moldings, sills, baseboards, etc.
Vacuum carpeting

Vacuum window and door tracks

Clean HVAC registers and returns

Vacuum floor vents

Sanitize restrooms

Remove labeling and shipping protection as needed on fixtures, appliances, etc.

List and report any defects, damage, items not functioning properly to site super

Touch up visit - all above
We accept the following: