VCT Flooring.

 With over 16years of experience stripping and waxing vinyl composite tile our trained staff at Universal Cleaning & Restoration will bring new life to your floors. We use only high quality products and methods of application. You can be assured of the best results possible.

Vinyl Composition Tile, V.C.T. We will clean and strip your floors to  remove all stain and buildups due to every day use. We then will re-work your floors to a glowing new product shine with our expert polish compounds and finishers. It is not recommended that you try to refinish a VCT  floor with out having  the years of experience and knowledge to complete the job correctly.  Many people have ruined there floors because of inexperience and mistakes that can happen as you attempt to do it your self.

Let Universal Cleaning & Restoration, LLC. handle the job so it can be done right the first time!.. Save your floors.. Save your Money.

We accept the following: